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WIP game about chibis fighting!!
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Mah DA Fam

Husbando: :iconenzouke:
Good friends: :iconyumichan216: :iconcuriousbunny11: :iconfiever:
Awesome Artists: :iconrenolamoi: :iconmary-ko: :iconyuuki-kazu: :iconpucchomocha: :iconbookmarkahead: :iconokamaka: :icondallaspierce: :iconraineko-tanwa: :iconkurumierika:


Current Projects


-Moe Escape 2 will be the spiritual successor of the original Moe Escape.
-I'm currently making 3D models for the characters, and they look pretty good!
-This game will be much bigger and much more awesome than the original Moe Escape.


-Chibi Wars is a game I'm currently making along with enzouke. It's a hybrid tower defense game where you control a bunch of chibis and move 'em around to destroy the other evil chibis.
-We're planning to have all of the chibis be popular OCs from DeviantArt users! Its creation is heavily influenced by the game Patchcon.
-Any comments or ideas about this? We're happy to hear them. We plan to eventually hold raffles and contests for the game so keep an eye out!


-I'm always striving to get better at drawing. I practice when I feel like it, and I'm proud of how far I've come, but I always see areas for improvement.

Completed Projects

-I made Kitty Can Fly in only a couple of weeks. It was sort of driven by the failure of Star Catch. I really wanted to do something that is well known, yet a step above the rest.
-You control Kitty, a cat who spins at the speed of light and flies through the stars!
-Control Kitty and see how far you can make it!
-You can download the android version HERE or play the web version HERE.

-Star Catch is a game I made for Android devices over about 7-8 months. It's an awesome game, but it didn't really get any downloads. T__T
-You control a fox to help him collect stars and bring them back to his spaceship.
-All original art in the game is done by me!~
-You can download it HERE or watch the youtube trailer HERE.

DA is 5000 days old!~

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 8:44 PM

The bottom of the website says DA is 5000 days old today! I thought for sure that the DA peeps would have made a journal about this. But they didn't so I did! Congrats DA! We love you!


About me

Age: 22
Likes: Lolis, anime, manga, movies, starting new projects!
Hates: Apples
Aspirations: Rule the world

Fave food: Chicken parm. Mmmmmm

1. I'm a guy! (99% of the people who assume my gender call me she/her, when I have my gender marked as male on my profile.)

2. I never think my own art is good enough. (Because it isn't. I mean... Have you seen it??)

3. I get very discouraged when I see art that is better than mine. (It should motivate me, but it doesn't...)

4. I only actually watch the deviations of like 5 of the 30 groups I'm in. (It's just too much stuff otherwise.)

5. I LOVE fanart. (It motivates me more than anything else because it tells me that a person likes one of my characters so much that they took time out of their day to draw her.)

6. I've always got my slinky handy! (Seriously, I bought a nice metal one for $3 like 2 years ago, and it hasn't left my side since. I'm always flopping it around. Best. Toy. Ever.)

7. My room is in the attic! (It's nice and quiet up there with no one to wake me up, so I get lots of sleep.)

8. I [usually] NEVER EVER get angry. (The only people who know how to get on my nerves are my immediate family. Other than that, you can call me names, punch me in the face, or burn my house down[please don't] and I'd laugh it off.)

Other stuffs: IDK. Ask me a question?


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Been a Long Time Not On DA 

You Doing Awesome Onion~
Lots of Progress and Nice Page Customs:iconkawaiicrazyplz:
(1 Reply)
thank you for continually faving my work 
(1 Reply)
LottiBaskerville98 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the watch !!!!
Your art is sooooooooooo cute >\\\\<
(1 Reply)
Aurelio251 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for watching me. Amigo! =)
CuriousBunny11 Mar 20, 2014  Student General Artist
The bothersome person has return with a new Q~
Nyallo Onion~ O w O/

I'm a bit stuck on the eyes for the last pose~
She is meant to be reaching and looking down towards the bag on the right side of her hip~ However~ Because her eyes are drawn facing traight forwards and also due to her not being able to see directly at the bag~ whenever I have the camera facing directly at her~ or above her~ The eyes still seem to be looking towards the camera rather than the bag~

In your eye-style how would you ago about drawing the eyes in order to make them seem to look down even at a front view?

If I'm not mistaken~ The way you did it on "Moe Escape - Fabienne" was by flattening her upper eyelid and having it be parallel to her face~
I do believe it has something to do with the eyelid~ and how it curves~ or by adjusting the position of the eyes on the texture~ But I can't really figure it out yet~ >w<;;
(2 Replies)
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